Who Is it for?

Why read Student Creative?

Student Readers
All of our student readers will benefit from up to date advice on everything from starting out at uni right through to getting professional work placements and creating stunning portfolios.  The magazine will feature tips, tricks and in-depth tutorials for getting the most out of the latest software. It will also include interviews with professional designers, great contests and inspiring galleries and tonnes more!

And remember, similar specialist design magazines sell for up to £20 per issue, you get this for free!
The magazine is heavily graphic design based but will also be useful to those interested in fashion, illustration, product design, film and tv and other related subjects. Check out the blog to see the sort of thing we cover…

Professional Agency Readers
The magazine will be sent to a vast selection of the best professional agencies around. These agencies will be the first to see the up and coming crop of talent allowing the agencies unrivaled access to the best new designers. On top of that the magazine will be a great way for professional designers to keep an eye on the latest trends and even learn valuable software tricks along the way – because nobody knows it all.

Alongside the benefits of reading the magazine the floor will be open to all who wish to contribute. Getting your work featured in a magazine is a massive deal in the design world, the trouble is, it’s not easy to get in. Student Creative magazine gives everybody a new platform to show off their skills and get noticed by the people who matter.
“In design it’s not what you know but who knows you!”
We invite contributions for our open gallery where you can submit any piece of work you like, or you can take part in our contests and live briefs. We also want to feature your own tutorials, tips and articles you write. When you submit your work we will give you full credits and if you wish we will publish your web site details so the agencies can check you out.

You can find more info on what to submit and how by visiting our contribute page.

Work Placements

Student Creative magazine is dedicated not only to producing a high quality magazine but also wishes to encourage and actively assist in the development of up and coming designers and illustrators. We will be looking to boost our own ranks regularly by taking on students to work with us on the magazine in our studios. We will open up the opportunity to as many as we can handle to give everyone a fair chance to take par and gain valuable experience within a real design environment.  Competition for design placements is extremely fierce within the industry but we will be looking to offer experience in cover design, layout, typography, illustration, artwork, printing, and much more. If you are interested please get in touch. This will be real design work though, you won’t spend the week making cups of tea! Having a work placement on your CV is a massive plus for all designers and most agencies won’t look twice at anyone without one.

Remote Placements

We understand that we can’t offer a placement to everyone at once so we are also introducing remote placements for those people who want to gain some experience but either can’t travel to the studio or can’t give up the time. We understand that students have classes to attend and some even have jobs!


We expect to be expanding constantly for a couple of years at least and as such will be needing an increasing number of full-time designers and artists. Hopefully we will find a few hidden gems among you and be able to offer you full-time contracts.

Will it be available in my area/country?

Availability of the magazine will be directly linked to the budget we secure from Barclay’s and other sponsors and advertisers. Our projection is as follows. 

  • First 6 issues to be sent to all participating universities and colleges in North West and Central England.
  • We will then to roll the magazine out to the rest of England by issue 12 at the latest.
  • Europe and the rest of the world will follow as soon as possible as there has been a lot of interest from abroad.
  • Availability will be based on demand and we only have plans to publish in English at the moment.

Magazine Online

For those who would like to receive the magazine before it is available in their area or at their university it will be available to download online in pdf form or as a printable version.

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