Student creative Magazine is for anyone with an interest in Graphic Design, Illustration, Fashion or anything else creative.

The idea is to bring a high quality, professional finish magazine to the masses for free.  If you have ever read Computer Arts Magazine, tried to follow a tutorial online or in a book, looked for tips on using software, building websites or making illustrations then this is for you.

It’s all well and good going to the library and getting a book out if you want to learn about last years trends or out dated techniques, but to stay ahead of the game and keep up with the fast paced design world then monthly magazines are an essential tool. The only problem, especially if you are a student, is the price, ranging from £6 to £19 per issue. That’s where Student Creative Magazine comes in. Students, graduates and professionals all come together to contribute their tutorials, tips, tricks, ideas and funky designs to share, and everybody benefits.

Professional agencies will receive copies of the magazine and get the chance to see the up and coming potential and new blood whilst students gets a chance to show off their skills and get noticed early, and everyone has a chance to learn.

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