Design Our Cover

All magazines worth their salt need a great cover, and for a design magazine what could be better than the readers coming up with a design?  At this stage we are open to absolutely all suggestions, we have no preconceptions in mind and will consider everything you come up with.

If you want some sample text to use please make your own up or copy our example.
You can also download a copy of our temporary logo here.
You can use pictures, text, or no text, colours or black and white. What ever you think!

When we choose a winner we will work closely with you to come up with the final piece ready for the launch.
Who knows we may use your design as the basis of all future issues!

There are no strict submission guidelines at the moment. We just want to see wha ever comes in. Make it 300 dpi (approx A4 size)
Send your entry to

As reward for the best submission we will feature you in your own article and include links to your online portfolio if you wish.  The exposure you will gain could be invaluable.

Logo Contest

We are on the look out for a great new logo to go with the launch of our magazine. If you have any ideas just send them in!

We are ideally looking for the logo to contain the words “Student Creative” but if you can convince us otherwise just go for it!
The logo should have a professional appeal and convey that it is a magazine without necessarily using the word “magazine”.

Send your entries to

If we choose your logo to represent our brand you will get a feature in our magazine plus £100 if we win the Barclay’s contest.

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